Garden Thoughts

Game over

Deji Olatunji

There is a game called “Hypocrisy”
A.k.a The “Leaven of the pharisees”
Many there be who play it
Each one of them with their Joysticks

Experts in Human righteousness
They reject God’s righteousness
After the traditions of elders
They neglect the commandments of God

Through ungodly ways
They’ve gotten themselves names
They might be the fellowship president
But in Heavenly Zion, not a known resident

Opened bibles but closed hearts
Full of activities but no life
They fast and pray for show
In vain do they worship

Through religious pranks
They’ve come up the church ranks
In the sight of men, of great significance
But of no eternal relevance

Sitting behind the “game consoles”
They gamble with their own souls
Drawing nigh with their mouths
Far away from God in their hearts
They better repent and be converted
Before Life says “GAME OVER”

Upon the Waters

Olaitan Victor

He stood upon the waters
Unruffled by the raging tempest
Holding hand out to me
Saying unto me;
“Come beloved”
Without hesitation,
Trusting, I leapt,
To my beloved Emmanuel standing
upon the the waters.

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That’s it for this evening. John O’Marho will be with us tomorrow, and trust me, it will be a blessing. Have a great time. Remain blessed

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