Bird’s Harp

The Perfect Gentleman

Rachael Torty

Intent on unwrapping me bit by bit
Breaking my walls apart
I love how You lead me through the day and order my footsteps.
I love how you hold my hand when we are with Your own, our own showing them that I belong to You

I love how you have dove’s eyes for me reminding me that You are mine
I love how You keep our dwelling place secret and sacred
I love how I come undone in Your Presence, bared, naked,open, unashamed with eyes that reminds me that I am flawless

I love how You follow me into my dreams making the horrors of the night fade in Your light.
And when our breaths mingle
My mortal vessel unable to hold you in
You rip me apart and put me together at once
All of these and more, you do
Like the Perfect Gentleman you are

The Speaking Alabaster

Adams Saba

Talk talk, talk like a parrot.
Crush crush, crush like it’s carrot.
Mouth letting out the whispers of the heart.
Truth and lies untold by the mind.

Unimaginable odor lies within.
So disgusting that people fear to smell.
From the tongue the words of hell.
Betraying the secret place of intimate thinking for life transformation.
Betraying deep secrets to not tell.

Who would imagine to hate the box.
The nice smell, saints in the atmosphere.
Under the pretence of good it chokes.
On the inside it could make man suffocate.

And who would be the advocate for its victims.
Innumerable Times it is guilty of murder.
No one can, except the speaking alabaster.
That would uncover lies buried for years.
Telling the true story within Adam.

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By God’s grace, I’d be back tomorrow for my column. God bless you. Thank you.

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