What Faith Is.

In writing this, I make a disclaimer to open with. I do not intend to mean what is faith? The attempt here, therefore, is not to define faith but rather to provide a portrait of what faith possibly looks like. The portrait herein mentioned isn’t the only portrait possible or even available as my reader is aware. But if I tell us, imagine a soldier, we are all likely to have the same fundamental image, but differing in some unique way depending on our countries and exposure to the military, such that even people from the same country, may have different images, but we’d all be right, for we all imagined a soldier. Such is the nature of my attempt this evening.

Faith is…expecting God to do what he promises (or has promised) he would do. Essentially it is treating God as an honest being. But surely what do we mean by this? To Illustrate this I’d tell you a short story about my friend. Her name is Rahab. Salmon Rahab, otherwise known as Rahab the harlot.

We find a very insightful record of her in the Book of Hebrews. In a few words, the Bible passes a piece of very concise information about her in this passage:

Hebrews 11:31
[31]By faith the harlot Rahab perished not with them that believed not, when she had received the spies with peace.

So a little back story (the full story is found in chapters 2 and 6 of the book of Joshua as recorded in the Bible). She hosted Israeli spies in her house and when she figured out their intentions required something from them- That she and her household be spared when the D-day comes. The spies agree to this, with their own conditions, one, that every one of her households must be in her house on that day and two, she should hang a Scarlet rope out through her window. She agrees. But based on what? What reason did she have to believe that they will hold up their own end of the bargain? These guys were spies. Spies.

They weren’t generals in the army, neither did it appear that they were men of high rank, for even if they were, She had no way of knowing. So all she had was a promise, their promise. And she was going to have to stake her life and that of her family on that promise. And expect that these men though spies are in fact, honest men.

This my dear reader is worthy of note. She expected that these men would keep their word, despite not knowing them, or having any reason to think that they particularly will. Thus, she did her part as with someone who had an assurance that they would do their part. We find that she acted with a certainty built primarily upon their word of promise.

This then is faith, when we live and act in certainty concerning the promises of God to us because we fully expect that He will keep his own side of the equation. She believed the word of men- spies. But we have the promises of God, the Almighty and all-Powerful, yet we find it difficult to have faith in his promises.

I wager that if we treat God as we would an honest being, we would indeed have faith in him and in his promises to us.

That’s the lot for this evening. I hope to return tomorrow to explore one of those stupendous promises of God to us in the Bible. Be expectant, I know I am! Remain blessed.

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