Soft Ink

Temple Run

By Gideon Okeke

Run for your life!
He is here with a whip
A rod of Iron in his hand
Money changers, Run!
Dove-sellers, Run!
Temple thieves, Run!

Run if you are not here for prayer
Run if you came to steal the show
Run if you are here to display your “goods”
Run if you are here for the money
Run if you are here to earn a living
Run if you came to score some points
Run! Run!! Run!!!

He’s sanitizing the temple!
He’s making disciples
So, Temple-traders run!
Temple-Harlots, Run!
Temple-Showmen, Run!
Run for your Life!

Run to Him, don’t run from His whip
Run to His chastisement
Don’t run from the Head of the Church
Run from Mammon!
Run from Jezebel!
But run to Jesus.

What say ye?

Fatunbi Boluwatife

You said you are a child of God,
But you love songs like “child of the world”
What say ye?

You enjoy the gathering of brethren in church
But do you have your quiet time with God?
What say ye?

You are a leader in your sphere
But does God seriously lead you everywhere?
What say ye?

You have a Christian name
But is heaven aware of your name?
What say ye?

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Right. I’d be back tomorrow for my column. Looking forward to sharing with you. Stay blessed.

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