God Poems Sunday

Lest We Die
Pharm Steve

With much faith in us you sent us to a dark world,
You didn’t leave us lonely you gave us your Word,
You said our light should shine brighter and brighter,
But this is us;

We don’t see the need for a spark nor even a lighter,
You stand at the door of our hearts and knock,
We feel ashamed to open lest some laugh and mock,
Yet you don’t give up on us,

For you had us on your chest when you hung on the cross,
Now we’ve come to the end of ourselves,
We’re tired of eating straws like calves,
We hear you still say, ‘You are mine’,
So Lord, restore us lest we die.

The Ark – (the Glory Returns)
Dr Gideon Okeke

The Ark is now a captive
The Ark is now a prisoner
A room-mate to a non-living idol
Quarantined in the House of Dagon

In the silence of the dark
In the darkness of the night
In the solitude of the Ark
In the quietness of the moonlight
In the serenity of a lockdown
The Glory of God touched down!

The Presence returns!
Life returns, the Glory returns!
Dagon had to bow
His head had to go down

Once again we can call the Arkā€¦
The Ark of God

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