Empty Tomb Tales

Paid in full by The Writer

While we were dead in sin,
Children of disobedience: iniquities filled our scoreboard;
He took on flesh and wore our skin.
He came as the love of the father for the world.

He came to show us the way,
He came to tell us the truth,
He came to give us His life,
He was the Word that became the Son.

Our enemies became his foe,
Our dirt and trash was poured on his face,
Lashes and strokes were laid on his back,
He paid the price by carrying the cross.

The sins were crying for justice
The devil was accusing his wisdom
The mind of the judge was already made up.
Until He laid his back in the tomb.

Today, He sits on the throne!
He has paid the price in full!
The sinner has died but the Savior is alive!
Hurray, forever He lives.

Old Rugged Cross by Teana Rufus

On the old rugged cross
Was nailed Jesus – the boss
As all stood and watched
Only very few were touched
Ignorant of what the lamb had done
They could not see the victory he had won.

In the midst of his sweet pain,
For Jesus knew was with eternal gain,
Had the Lord cried out in utter surrender
Words, we will forever remember
“It is finished”
Our souls, in that moment replenished

We’d never forget the Messiah
Who from that day, is the object of our desire
We’d never forget the devil’s great loss
Which till this day, he mourns and seeks at all cost
We’d forever, in his presence, worship
And always bow before Christ’s Lordship

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