Simply Trust

The human want can become extremely numerous sometimes, to the extent that man gets overwhelmed by them. His mind gradually gets fixed on the various means of getting all he wants time after time, still the height of true satisfaction is never attained.

Over the years we’ve heard and seen vivid instances of the wicked things men have done, all in the quest to satisfy their so-called wants and needs. At crucial points as such, one question that fills our hearts would be, “To what end?”.

Irrespective of the knowledge we have about God being our Father still we find ourselves worried and anxious about what tomorrow holds for us. Questions then rise in our hearts that clouds us with doubt, fear and worry; totally causing us to forget how that we’ve been called out from a life of incessant troubles into a life of everlasting rest.

Dear friend, constant worry, agitation or anxiety has no advantage tied to it at all. It doesn’t add a thing to you but saps you of every positive and good addition you’ve sustained over time. It robs you of your peace of mind, joy, strength, and victory in Christ!

Replace every worry with faith and make your requests known unto the Father, He hears you and knows you by name. You may have been heartbroken a countless number of times or even have existing trust issues you’re dealing secretly with, which has made trusting totally in God difficult for you. I have good news for you; God is not a man and He loves you unconditionally. He never lies. Defeat fear and doubt in your heart forever by giving your entirety to God now and always.

I know a part of the scripture that says:

Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you. 1 Peter 5:7 (NLT)

Why don’t you cast your cares upon Him? No matter how visibly down the chips might have been, choose to trust absolutely in Jesus today and experience true peace. His plans for you are of good and He is that shepherd who never leaves His own by themselves. Don’t let that fear choke faith out of you! Simply trust and rest in His promises.

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