A Certain Uncertainty

Our world today is at a standstill. World leaders are doing whatever they can to keep things afloat. In some quarters it appears like guesswork. A game of chances, a dilemma between a rock and a hard place. No decision seems isolated again, cascades are becoming the order of the day.

Nations are under pressure. People calling upon God, irrespective of whether they had believed in the existence of one before. The cynic smirks, not because he is better off, but rather in a feeble attempt on his part to appear unperturbed. But we know better. Whenever the storms are fearsome and we are tossed to and fro, the only person that can sleep through it, is either a man that is God or a man that knows his God. Everyone else is allowed and quite frankly expected to panic.

In all these, the reality of the conditions is not necessarily lost on the Christian. As a matter of fact, for such a time like this, he is appointed, to be a light unto them that are in the darkness, to be a beacon of hope to the hopeless, a symbol of faith in the paralysis of fear. Because the Christian is supposed to be the one that knows his God.

How then does he function in times like these? A hint is provided in a letter of the Apostle Paul to the Corinthians, the 5th chapter and verse 7 (2 Cor 5:7).

For we live by believing and not by seeing.

The Christian lives by believing. Believing what? Definitely not what he sees, for to walk by sight is to be tossed to and for with every changing tide. Rather, He lives by believing the Word of God. Faith in God as contracted by His word, is the only anchor for the heart of a man. So long as a man walks by sight, his heart will fail him for fear. Dear believer look up to Jesus, consume and be consumed by His love letter to you. Build up your most holy faith. Jesus is the answer for the world today, yesterday and tomorrow. The Christian knows and believes this, thus he rests, because only one person can sleep in a tempest, the Prince of peace or him that believes in the Prince of Peace. The first person is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the second is the Christian.

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