Poem Sunday

Churchianity by Adams Saba

I see the church!
Now the Antichrist.
Doctrines patterned on faces.
The pass to enter into secret places.
Oh! It makes me cry.
Where deceit and lie now lies.

I hear the church!
Now speaking against the Word.
Darkness now dimming the light.
The breath that gave men life.
Oh! It was to reveal truth.
Mysteries of the kingdom to tell.
But now where evil buy and sell.

I go to church!
Now working in the vine yard.
But with grumbling for the hating.
Backbiters and betrayers frustrating.
Oh! Where is the reward in it.
To whom is the service of benefit.
And God I seek to please.

I am the Church!
Now desperately wicked.
The temple not to defile.
Which the spirit groans deep for.
Oh! The gate of hell is not to prevail.
Deeds now leading souls to lake of fire.
I travail to get back up on the glory I fell.

Serving God or Playing Church by Racheal Torty.

Eyes scramble back and forth like little feet
Hands go up with empty hearts: the routine
We fall to the motions and live in the unknown
Our bodies sway to the music with hearts far away
Ears listening to the sermon, never catching a word
So cold we are, worse still refusing to be warmed

We are the doctors with chronic diseases in our bones
Treating the ignorant patients with mild infections
Once a week, we do that which seems needful
Forgetting The One we need the most of all
Teaching, preaching and praying becomes our second nature

With our mouths that speak words that fall back to ground
We seem more worse off than they are
But, let’s say we got caught up doing the important things
Forgetting to have The Important One with us
I wonder, Are we really serving God or merely playing church?

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