Redeeming Love

The book, “Redeeming Love” by Francine Rivers is one of my all time favorites, and I’m sure it’s the same for so many others as well. In summary, the book tells of the Love of God which goes all out to save a sinner, irregardless of the state of the Sinner.

This relentless pursuit of the Lost and wandering heart is one of the characteristics of the Love of God. ‘Come as you are’ is the cry of Love.

Over the years, God’s people have so idealised this characteristic, that people seem to have forgotten something. While God’s Love indeed does accept people the way they are, it doesn’t leave them in that State. And so, it is not enough to accept His Love, there also has to be a submission to the Change that Love brings to a life.

Love doesn’t want to stop at bringing you out of darkness. Love wants to go all the way to transforming you into light, just like your Father (who is the Father of Lights). Love wants to make you a royal priest, Love wants you to walk in holiness, Love wants you to be set apart.

The story of Redemption, as told by Love, is always a transfer from one state to another. You can not experience the fullness of God’s love, if you don’t allow it work the necessary changes in you.

And because the Love God has shown us is the example of the Love we should show others, we also need to express this facet of Love. Our Love for our brethren should not stop at accepting them the way they are. Our Love should prompt us to speak the truth in Love. It should prompt us to pray change into the lives of people who need it. It should prompt us to be patient while the change process takes place.

The extent to which the Love of God is experienced and expressed by us, is determined by how much we submit ourselves to Love’s work in us. Stay yielded.

4 thoughts on “Redeeming Love

  1. Hmmm… love calls us to come the way we are and it will not leave us the way we are, it will change us. Thanks for this awesome write up us.

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