Heart Cry

Most times I still hope
Deep down inside my heart;
That I would behold You again
And this love I profess will never fade.

As a deer looses its breath
Trying hard to quench its thirst;
Does the intricate part of this soul
Desire to get refreshed.

Though unlike that deer
I don’t want to ever get satisfied;
Instead help me unravel the intoxication
That comes from drinking of You,
The river that never runs dry!

Beyond the surface
Help me experience You in a different way;
Gradually I’ve grown weary
Of rising and always falling!

Transfigure me from the inside out
That I be dead to flesh
As my thoughts synchronize with Yours
And this lips becomes a channel of truth.

Teach me Your ways
Open me up to the pure knowledge of your person
That when men see me
All they see is You!

Come visit me afresh
So my soul gets quickened;
Light this spirit up with Your flame
One that never gets quenched!

Oh! That i may worship in Your presence
With sweet melodies raised as incense;
Holding me up strong and keeping me safe
As I rise daily to never fall again!

11 thoughts on “Heart Cry

  1. This makes us both Dorcas…may we never get satisfied for know Him and to become just as He is in this very world we must! Thank you for this beautiful piece…well done

    Liked by 1 person

  2. may we continue to draw and drag our vessels from the living well and as well soar high but remembering our heart’s sour the moment we abstain from the source…… beautiful piece Ma’am Princess

    Liked by 1 person

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