God Poems Sunday

Will He Be Waiting?
Author : 2BLesD

I’ve not been home in a while
It’s been a long long time
Since I walked through that entrance
Into the magnificence of His presence
It’s been so long since I saw that face
I’ve missed seeing that smile’s crease
Curving ever so lovingly endlessly
Symbolizing the honesty of His sure mercies

Lacking the confidence to return
Though I know that I need to be reborn
To find my way to that same place
Where I was and can be made whole again

And here I am, I wonder
Is His love still strong and true?
And the mercies still enduring and new?
Will the embrace still be warm?
And the compassion still be lush?
Can the hem of his garment still be touched?
And the response still be such as it was
When virtue left Him to heal her blood?

Will there be strength in His feet?
To run when He sees me from His seat
To lavish me with the sweetest of kisses
A father gives to a son He misses

Will the robe still be royalty
And the sandals still fit for my feet?
Will my fingers be accepted by the ring
And the musicians for me be ready to sing?
Will the wise men be coming from the east
And the fattened calf prepared for the feast?

Here I am busy wondering
If indeed He’ll still be waiting

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