The Side

We live in a world full of opinions. Virtually everyone has an opinion on one thing or another, whether well-founded or not is a different discussion.Before, things were simply a matter of black and white. Now even grey has 50 shades. So how do we navigate a world of tremendous variations?

As a believer, it’s important to be certain of one thing- there are only two sides: the Lord’s side and every other side.It’s very clear all through scriptures, that God has consistently presented his side versus every other side and He has always urged us to side with Him.

It’s either God or god’s

It’s either God or mammon

It either light or darkness

It’s either obedience or disobedience.

It’s either submission or rebellion.

As far as our walk with God is concerned, his demands are clear and consistent. A stark contrast to every other side.

We must choose today- every day, every moment- we must choose the Lord. His ways- His choices. We must decide to be on his side.

The side of the Lord is ancient but not obsolete, it is ever relevant irrespective of civilization.

There is no other way. Find his ways, walk in it in so far as you know. It is safe, it is sure. Decide to be on his side.