Shaping Tomorrow. Part Two.

Yesterday, we considered that the characteristics of a succeeding generation are shaped by the preceding generation and that any deviations could be traced to the probable omissions of the fathers.

As we look at the constructions of the current generation, it’s not difficult to notice the effects of the omissions of the predecessors.

Values like honesty, integrity, diligence are now associated with weakness. Being dubious is now called sharp practice.

Corrections are rephrased as judgments. Know-it- all attitude has come to be the order of the day.

Some years back it was almost common sense to stand up to greet elders, even if you didn’t like them, for example. Nowadays, we are all elders.

This is in no way to throw shades at the young generation, but simply to point out that these things are the characteristics of an untaught generation.

These days the older generation demands these values, the traits that typified them, without realizing that, the inadequacy or absence of these things is on some level their fault.

No one is spared, everyone feels and will feel the brunt of these things.

Young people now almost despise the church, not because they are trying to be woke, but rather, they had questions- they asked them in all kinds of ways, but they got no answers. They noticed the inconsistencies and came to their own conclusions.

To shape and secure tomorrow, we must accept the responsibility to teach- modeling the constructs we know to be consistent with truth. Otherwise. It is well.

There is always a present danger.

Proverbs 30:11
[11]There is a generation that curseth their father, and doth not bless their mother.

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Good night.