Our World Today

This evening as I reflected on a few issues, a thought that re-inserted itself into my thought stream was the seemingly growing independence of individuals. I’ll explain. We function in a world of selfies, cynicism, a system governed by me, myself and I. Dog eat dog, cutthroat world. I wonder, though, if that’s all we are about. It’s true that things are like this, but were they meant to be that way?

I came across this verse in the book of Joshua and it caught my attention.

Joshua 19:9
[9]Out of the portion of the children of Judah was the inheritance of the children of Simeon: for the part of the children of Judah was too much for them: therefore the children of Simeon had their inheritance within the inheritance of them.

Now for some context, the land was being divided among the tribes of Israel. This account zeros in on two tribes, Judah and Simeon.Judah by the casting of lots got their portion. It was recorded that it was too much for them. But it was theirs anyway. When Simeon was to get their land, they were given an inheritance out of that which belonged to Judah.

So it got me thinking, How is it that Judah had so much that another tribe could be conveniently apportioned inheritance and it would suffice them both? I also noticed that at no point did Judah protest.

You could say it was the logical thing to do, but remember it was their inheritance, they were under no obligation to relinquish or give out any part of it.

I wonder if we realize that we have so much more than we imagine. That we are blessed beyond measure.

It’s always the best policy to help out others whenever we can, within the means available to us if we can. We were meant to have sufficient such that we are able to help others out. It’s a good thing if people join up with us in order to attain the success that they desire.

It’s rewarding to be able to provide that space and open people up to the possibilities that transform their lives for good.

Yes, I am aware of the counterpoints. Remember I talking about how we were meant to be and not how we are.

The best policy is to do unto others how you have them do unto you. It never came with any guarantees. However, disregarding it hasn’t brought the desires results either.