Sunday Poetry

As we had prior announced, Sunday post will now be dedicated to poetic constructions.

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Right. Your lot for today.

Let’s play Chess
Written by Nelson Okeke

Kindly grab a seat, let’s play chess!
Kings are the tallest pieces
Kings are the most valuable
Killing or capturing the king
Kind of means the game is over

Ideally, a king is not meant to suffer
In fact, He should be the last to be hurt
In a world where pawns abound in their numbers
Indeed, the King’s luxury is second to none

Not the same with God’s kingdom though
Need you to consider Christ, the King
Notably rich in glory, yet he came so low
Never forget this King washed mere men’s feet
Never forget this King was spent like a pawn

Giving up His life, despising the shame
Going the extra mile to redeem the lost
Giving the devil a chance to jubilate
Great Plot twist; the King returns!
Game over. Check mate!
Go get more players. Let’s (all) play chess.

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