Life depends on the Tongue.

We continue this evening in our series of discussions about what life depends on. We had considered the heart and the liver the previous posts. Now we turn our attention to the tongue.

The tongue is small, well at least compared to its effect and in relation to other ‘major’ parts of the body.

Words, as we know, are powerful, and the tongue is the conveyor belt. In fact, we probably know of some people, who when we want to describe, we would say they have a ‘bad mouth’, and this has nothing to do with the dental, anatomic or hygienic state of their mouths. We usually say that to mean, there is nothing good or wholesome that proceeds out of their mouth. They are caustic. They are destructive.

The use of the tongue has far-reaching consequences, it can make or mar not only the owner but even to those it is directed at.

But how powerful really is the tongue?

Proverbs chapter 18 and in verse 21 gives a summative idea:

Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof

The tongue is so powerful: it is a custodian of life and death.

I think we can all agree that anything has holds in its hands the capabilities that determine life and death is quite powerful.

It then means that death can be conveyed through the tongue. Life can be conveyed through the tongue. In simpler terms, we can speak life. We can speak death. The effects are far-reaching from humans to situations and everything in between.

With the tongue we can build, with the tongue we can bring to ruin. Little wonder, a man’s measure can be estimated by the use of his tongue.

In the outworking of our lives, mastery of the tongue is non-negotiable. With our tongues, we can speak not only into our lives and situations but also into the lives and situations of others.

We, therefore, need to trust God to bring healing to our tongues, bringing it, especially under His control, because truly speaking, life depends on the…tongue.