We sincerely apologize for the recent break in our posts. It was due to factors that were beyond our control. By God’s grace, we are back and positioned to better serve you.We had previously made mentioned adding poetry to the content we present here. Plans are on the way to that effect and as soon as this weekend, we hope to have that underway.Right.We would be resuming with a series on life. Or more precisely, what life depends on. It’s going to be based on some organs of the human body. It would not necessarily be scientific in the approach, but as is our custom, we would also be keeping in view the truths of Scriptures, applying them to our daily life situations.Truthfully speaking, we are designed to thrive. It’s the inherent quality of life that regardless of the prevailing circumstances, our lives can still make sense for the things we are designed for. Not everyone necessarily lives up to their potential, however, we have sufficient evidence to assert that whilst some paths are quite challenging, they do not diminish the sense of possibilities that abound. Everything can be redefined.

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