Breathe simply means the act of taking air in and letting air out usually from the lungs. We do this so much so that, we are actually not even often conscious of it, until maybe for one reason or the other. Sometimes it could be an upper respiratory tract infection or perhaps the feeling of impending doom. It seems as with the things most important to our survival, we tend to not notice them until for some reason, their continued presence or function is threatened. The ability to breathe is so vital and yet so underrated, well maybe not entirely so. I’m more fascinated though by the reason for which whenever we are going through difficult patches, we are often reminded to breathe, in a figurative sense that is. I find it even more curious that this particular frame of reference is used. It’s perhaps not much further from the sense that, in as much as one can breathe, then there’s life, and in so much as there is life, there is hope, after all, a living dog is so much better than a dead lion. There are times when it appears as though we would choke. As if the forces of nature have agreed in a council meeting that we should be the target of difficult circumstances. In those times we sometimes almost literally find ourselves trying to find air to breathe, however, we soon discover that as we insist on breathing, on not being overwhelmed and overcome, sooner rather than later, we find that in time, our will to press on always prevails.To what end you wonder? As students of life, one of the things we ought to realize is that no matter the difficulty of what confronts us, insisting on not giving up, sets us up on the path of victory.,Also, it’s a reminder to live. Sometimes we do too much, rush here and there, do this and that and all of that, that we often forget to live. Each day we have breath ought to be a commitment. A commitment to our lives, to our calling, to our Creator. In the final analysis, the goal of our being able to breathe is to give Him praise. As King David wrote under inspiration: Let everything that has breath praise the Lord

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