There are different kinds of prints, down to the level of our genes, at which point we talk of imprinting. I have no intentions of writing about that, this is not the place, now is not the time. What I do have in mind, however, is print in the sense of a mark made by pressure. We all go through different kinds of pressure at different times and in different ways. Perhaps at some other time, we can talk about pressures, and how to deal with them. My particular interest now is the effect pressure can have on us. Generally speaking, a man’s life is influenced strongly by the kinds of pressures he has been exposed to. I take pressure in this discussion to mean the constraints of circumstances. For example, think of an individual who had to fend for himself right from a very young age, who had people around him, who he thought could have been of help to him but refused to. This experience is likely to have an effect on him as he goes through life- it could be just about anything, that effect is what I refer here to as print. We all have prints, some are obvious, some are faint, some, we fail to reckon with consciously. The mere facts of having prints aren’t necessarily the challenge. The issue lies more with how these prints affect the reality of our lives.

The positive prints are always welcomed, however, some prints are negative and tend to have destructive influences on our lives and the choices thereof.

Life throws different things at us as part of its course, albeit in the very matter of our own personal response, we owe it to ourselves to make conscious decisions, take deliberate steps, seek appropriate help, so as to ensure that our pressures help and not hinder us. We can change the negative prints on us, we can pull away from their grip and definitions. It is said that leopards can’t change their spots. Well thank God, we are not leopards, we can change ours.

Important also, is the fact that we can seek positive pressures to shapen and give definition to our lives. An eminent doctor, Luke wrote a treatise, two actually(canonically preserved), in the second, he wrote of an account about the disciples of Jesus Christ. In relation to positive pressure, he says this:

Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John and perceived that they were unlearned and ignorant men, they marveled; and they took knowledge of them, that they had been with Jesus. Acts 4:13 (emphasis mine)

That’s the power of positive pressure, It can on its own accord redefine the parameters of a man’s life. To be with Jesus is the ultimate pressure. It leaves an eternal print.

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