Denzel Washington, in the movie Equalizer 2, gives voice to this profound line: You don’t know what death is. He, Of course, was speaking to his African American neighbor, who thought joining a gang was the way of handling ‘business’. I found it profound to think about. I’m not referring in this discussion to physical death or in any other sense of the death. I do however have in mind that sense of loss, of hopelessness, of confusion that sometimes is associated with death. Some times we don’t necessarily realize the value of things or the gravity of the effect they have on us until we experience their ‘death’. We go through all sorts because in the analysis we realized that we didn’t seem to make the most of the possibilities that abound whilst we still had them. It always hurts to part with something that has found root with you, irrespective of the outcome, because what we go through is real and could not be different even if we thought so, for the heart has its reasons that even reason doesn’t know of. Death is never pleasant, ironically the reality of death also teaches us the value of life. It is said that good things don’t last forever, but I think good things do last forever, not in their substance but in the memories, they have created with us. Memories are powerful reservoirs of reality and in truth also, have even that profound effect too. Death often signals the end of things. It doesn’t always have to be so. What if it’s not the end, what if it’s only an interlude for what is to come, granting also the opportunity to yet again live. Perhaps you know what death is, but the story doesn’t end there. Maybe, just maybe there is still life to come. And dare I say, there is. For death was never supposed to be an end. Indeed it is not. So the Apostle Paul says: We shall not all die, but we shall be changed.

2 thoughts on “Death

  1. Indeed. Though, depending on what forever might be, good things may last forever.
    In dying, we see the true picture of life. In living, we desire the true bliss in death.


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