We are all fairly acquainted with voices. We live in a day and age, in which there is a voice for just about anything. In referring to Voice I refer to that sense of wish, choice, or opinion openly or formally expressed. I am well aware that we all have various things we give voice to or perhaps various outlets we heed to as far as opinion is concerned. Listening to a voice is fine, probably a few are in order. Decisions, I’ve always believed are dependent in some cases on the quality of the information used in making them. Of course, I’m not thinking here of decisions of intuition or basal reflexes.
So it’s encouraged that in decision making, an individual gives attention to different voices so as to make a holistic decision. However, when does it become one too many?

In the Books of Acts 21 and in verse 34, we find a curious report-

And some cried one thing, some another, among the multitude: and when he could not know the certainty for the tumult, he commanded him to be carried into the castle.

To give some context, some guys had apprehended the Apostle Paul on account of some kinds of stuff that they made up, and in no time, there was a public outcry, pandemonium everywhere. It was at the height of the uproar that the centurion and his boys showed up, arrested as it were the Apostle and in order to be sure of the charge to be laid against him asked a very simple question, paraphrased as – people what’s the cause of all this upheaval?. Their response is what we find captured in the verse under consideration. As we saw in the verse, some cried this, others cried another thing. I do not think that they were saying pointless pieces of stuff. It is plausible that each person was saying something intelligent. But as we find out, though they were many voices yet, the centurion couldn’t make a decision, despite the availability of information he couldn’t ascertain the origin of the tumult. This is true to life, several times we turn to the multitude, to television, the Internet and so on and so forth in our quest for information especially as regards our lives and its prosecution, but sadly we come up short. The multitude, though saying a lot, does not help us one bit. We find crucially then, the need to shut out the multitude and give heed to Him that speaks in silence.

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