Do you believe?

There is a movie goes by that name. In one of the scenes, a man was asked the question: “Do you believe”? The speaker was carrying a wooden cross and asked the question with reference to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on the cross at Calvary. The very act that was the express proof of the truth of salvation. The answer given in response to the question was, “Sir, I am a pastor”. That answer seems related to the question because we infer that if a man is a pastor, we can almost take it for granted that he believes. But really, does that mean so? It does stand to reason, you might say. But really?

The question been asked is one that chops right to the heart, through the facade, the assumptions, the postures, and the whatnot, it drives straight to the heart of the matter. For the truth is that, with the heart, a man believes unto righteousness. So the answer to the question can’t be mental, circumstantial, environmental or positional in its origin, it must stem from the heart.

Do you believe?

Believe what? The redemptive work that God accomplished through Jesus Christ, neatly wrapped in a package called salvation, signed in red by three nails on the account of which Christ hung on the cross, and the groans with which He cried out: it is finished. Truly, it is finished, but there is a catch. The way a man can come into this reality of salvation is premised upon a requirement of eternal proportions: Believe. A man must believe in that which God did, and everyman must do so for himself.

A man must believe that the eternal sacrifice of Christ suffices for his redemption and restoration, he must believe that on that account, and only on it, is he made right with God. His history no matter how ugly, his paths no matter how dark, his heart no matter how hard, in Christ are accounted as nothing. He stands in Christ with a new plate, not just clean, for in Christ old things have passed away, all things have become new.

Do you believe?

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