The Unfortunate Alternative

The idea was clear. The resources were available. The man was where he was supposed to be. All was well.

But there was a problem, the created man wasn’t a robot, he was created with the ability to make choices, to always make a choice. The desire of God was for man to make a particular choice. To choose Him. Always.

How does a man show that he has chosen God? He obeys Him. The catch really is that the operating software of man functions based on who he obeys.

This is precisely what the challenge was. The man was presented with another information, another demand for his obedience. The Devil provided another set of information, and unfortunately, man subscribed to that. The operating software changed to something else, the man in a moment had rejected God, for he had disobeyed his creator.

There were consequences. Man lost his vital connection to his maker, also, more importantly, he lost his place. This is tragic because, man’s purpose was tied to his obedience to God, and its fulfillment is only possible in the place in which God ordained: Eden- the place of fellowship. So in one act, man lost everything he ever had, everything he was given, actually Man lost himself. All was lost.

The man had handed over the controls of the devil. The man had inadvertently chosen to the very one opposed to God and the expression of His purpose. Life over or not?

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