There have been several explanations with respect to creation. Depending on your persuasion, you might be inclined towards the Big Bang theory or Darwin’s On the Origin of Species.

But with respect to creation, I would like to present clearly the only plausible explanation for the creation of man. It’s found in the Book of Genesis, the great book of beginnings.

Genesis Chapter One and Verse 27:

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created him them.

We find three truths clearly expressed.

First, God created man. The Bible hides nothing and leaves nothing to the imagination of man as to, who or what his source is. The Bible answers boldly: God. Man has attempted over the years, centuries really, to find an alternative answer to this situation. He has largely found all alternative answers falling short of the stature required to sustain such a claim. In truth, we must come face to face with the reality that the only answer that is worthy of acceptance is as the Christians say it is. God created man. The moment a man accepts this explanation, he enters into rest, he stops chasing the ‘who created me’ shadow, but rather he faces forward to deal with the matter of why. And maybe one day we would touch on that.

Second, we find that the template God used to create man was Himself, for the Bible clearly says: in the image of God created he him.

This is the most interesting part, God created man using Himself as the model, how then can that man take that same image, that sacred composition and put it to the worship and service of other things or persons not named God? How can one cast what is precious to swine? If this doesn’t resonate with you, then that in itself is a different matter. We were meant for so much more. Our creation pattern is proof of that.

Third, the Bible goes further that the reason why there are only males and females is not an accidental occurrence or a biologic imperative. It wasn’t an evolutionary demand either. Scripture simply says: male and female created him them. The Bible states very clearly that the reason why our species consist of males and females is that God created mankind to be so. It was a divine design. Man isn’t a product or evolution neither is he a product of a cataclysmic event. He is a product of something grander, something more profound than he can imagine. Man is a product of the creative will of God.

This is essentially the background gist to the creation of man. But something went wrong.

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