The word Identity has different meanings, depending on who you ask, how you ask, when you ask and in what context you do the asking. But one definition we are likely to all nod in agreement to in relation to an individual, is this:

The distinguishing character or personality of an individual .

So basically when we say identity, we tend to think in terms of uniqueness, something that sets one individual distinct from all others. In our world today, the concept of identity is increasingly becoming complex, and sensitive to discuss. It has been broken down into various facets and churned over and over. This is probably due to more appreciation of individuality or rather due to the fact that more emphasis is now been placed on the individual and what actually makes him so. As the larger society deals with the issues of identity, the individual isn’t also spared, as he finds that his identity or perhaps the concept of his identity seems to morph along the lines of societal discourse. So on one hand, he feels he has the right to determine his identity, and he is right to feel that way. On the other hand, he finds that the society seems to produce the options he is to choose from.But how was this all supposed to work? We learn in the course of life, that the primary if not sole determinants of the identities of things are the manufacturers of those things, e.g Apple with their iPads and iPhones, Car manufacturers with their Specifications. We see that, we all then tend to agree with and accept whatever identity a manufacturer places on his product.The same principle of thought ought also to applied to our lives. We are meant to derive our identity from Him that created us. To attempt to do so any other way, would be to become something else, actually something less than, what we were designed and assigned to be. Neither the society nor ourselves was given the responsibility of defining our identities. Created things don’t define themselves.If I may then, Who are you?

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