What is your life. Part two

In the previous post, we pondered upon the reality of our lives been like a vapor and inferred the brevity of it. We also saw that, there were no inherent guarantees attached to the living of life. We concluded by recognizing that there must be a few implications premised on that understanding.

So now we would look closely at one of such implications. Our brother James, continues with his pearls of wisdom. He says:

But the right thing to say would be, If it is the Lord’s pleasure and if we are still living, we will do this and that.

This entire discussion is captured in James 4: 14-15. His counsel is that, we must take into consideration the pleasure of the Lord, or more clearly that our lives and its various expressions were designed to give Him pleasure, such that our objective for living irrespective of what we particularly find to do, would be governed by the central focus of pleasing Him. You might quickly ask a question, as to why living is tied to giving Him pleasure. To this, a quiet response will be that, if our lives start to be lived out according His pleasure, then the whole matter of our living or not living ceases to be a concern. The burden and responsibility to live and to be kept alive stops been shouldered by us. And truly life then gains a transcendent meaning, and death only becomes a stop over rather than a game over.

Going further, James adds another layer to the discussion, when he stated that:

If we are still living, we will do this and that

This is a point worthy of note and acceptance, that in the making of our plans, we should now come to a place of rest, a place in which there are no anxieties about the possibilities of tomorrow, because everyday we wake up, every dawning of a new day, essentially becomes a commitment and a responsibility to use wisely and productively. Knowing and living in the reality that anyday we see is our last until the next day.

The onus is on us then, to make each day count, living for His pleasure. If we succeed at this, we will indeed find that our lives become increasingly impactful and powerful. We would rest in eternity knowing we lived for Him.

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