A Tribute to Miss Blogs

I first knew her in the year 2013 whilst on campus, though we really didn’t get talking until 2014 during the service year. She had a great personality and an amazing voice. Passionate and decisive about the things she cared about, creative as they come, truly Blogs was a star, and I was quite happy to be associated with her- to be her friend. Miss Blogs’ company was always fun, she was such a jovial, easy going, funny and lively person, time just seems to fly away. She was also an exemplary Christian, introduced me to an online group (Sold out for Jesus) where I met other passionate young believers who had only one overarching desire, to have our Lord and Savior as the preeminent one over our lives and to know him practically as such.

I followed the trajectory of her publications, the content were always solid and Educative, she was starting to carve out a niche for herself. The next big thing.

Miss Blogs, our health system failed you. We failed you. You deserved better. And upon my honour and yours, is a pledge to make sure the failing stop, to ensure a better health system in which every life matters and our utmost best is truly such.

Indeed your generation shall be declared. I love you. I will miss you. The Sold Out family will miss you. When Heaven gained and we meet again, we’d truly say, you stayed with us in time, but your impact was timeless.

Thanks you. Adieu Miss Blogs

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