The Paralysis of Indecision.

“Choose this day whom you will serve…” A retiring General once pleaded with his people.

It’s in the fabric of life that we all get to make choices ranging from that with immediate-term effect to those whose effects we aren’t even sure of in terms of possible outcomes and implications. Most times the uncertainty creeps in stemming from our inability sometimes to precisely foretell the possible outcomes or othertimes the inability to decide the outcome we want despite the awareness of the possible outcomes. This invariably leads to Indecision.

The Merriam-Webster’s English dictionary defines indecision as- a wavering between two or more possible courses of action.

Life as it is, is a product of a decision: “And God said- let there be light…” Life therefore as it unfolds continues to be a product of a decision, for to not decide, is in itself a decision, albeit a passive one.

The Paralysis therefore is that state of being in which one is neither here nor there, and everything just seems muddled up. The crippling sense in which one is acutely aware of a need to make a decision and yet an obvious lack of will, courage… faith seems to pervade. In the meantime, life seems to be revolving whilst we remain stuck with nowhere to go.

Sometimes the answer involves taking the responsibility, risk, and resolving in our heart to follow through with a course of action out of the options available without necessarily being reckless. Oftentimes the next step, and that after it and on and on, reveals quietly that our fears were unfounded, and if any problems were to arise, we were well equipped to deal with them all along.

Next time, we’d consider how to make a decision

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