This is something we hear basically everyday  in school at work even in church its the centre of interest or better still paying in debt and uninterrupted attention to a thing.often times we focus on things below and forget about things above.We want to enrich ourselves be successful and get all that is beautiful in life by focusing on the wrong things.We ignore instructions from GOD yet we expect miracles. Theres this thing my mum says it goes like this “that what ever your heart desire is put it in the hands of God first” afterall the bible says seek ye first the kingdom of GOD and his righteousness and all other things shall be added unto   you.Everything necessary for your dream is already available if God is to bring anything to us he will need us to be focused.God is very specific about things for us.What you focus on has the ability to determine were you’ll end up. So will you rather focus on earthly things and end up in damnation or heavenly things and not just acquire good success but also join in eternal glory.In end the choice is ours.So what do you focus on?

(mark 6vs 45_51 and prov 4vs13).

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