A September to Remember

The month of September in many ways, brought with it, a lot of lessons. Many of which I had either previously failed to learn or didn’t even bother to learn. They are quite basic, that I’m quite convinced that you have them figured out already. But just in case you haven’t, I present to you: lessons learnt in September. remember on stone

1. Everybody else is living their lives; live yours. Of course I don’t mean, you should be reckless or foolish about it. In all honesty, live. Don’t just watch others live their lives, get up from sitting on yours hands, get out of your comfort zones and go out into space (if you get what I mean).

2. You have worth and you are valuable. Don’t let anybody, not today, not tomorrow ever make you feel that you are useless and not worth their anything. The coal might appear useless today, but so was the diamond yesterday.

3. It’s not about those who left you, it’s about those who remained. You are not perfect, actually you are probably a whole lot better today than you were sometimes ago, so if someone can’t handle the fact that you are work in progress. Let them go, I assure you someone will remain that appreciates you all the same. Just make sure you are developing.

4. Love; but understand that you might not be loved back. It’s OK for that to happen, remember you can’t or shouldn’t control others. One day they might, and even if they don’t, it’s all good. Don’t feel so bad as to not notice and care about those that you mean a lot to. Hope you are already seeing the irony in this matter.

Anyway, these are some of my September lessons. I would like you hear from you about some of your experiences. Reach me on @ComAbayomi on Twitter, 08161317255 for whatsapp, Abayomi_Ariyo on skype or you could drop your contacts/comments via comment section and I’ll get back to you. Promise.

One thought on “A September to Remember

  1. The fear of X outside the comfort zone and what is to be left in the comfort zone often hinders a couple of people to climb the next step of the ladder of life. Conviction in one’s chosen path of life becomes vital so as to avoid procrastination #mytake


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