Part 4: What love does not.

A. Love does not dishonour others: Love does not seek to dishonour its
object, not even inadvertently. It honours them. For example, in
romantic relationship, love stays away from pre-marital sex.

Love does not bring shame or disgrace to its object, it doesn’t go about
dragging the name of its object in the mud. Love doesn’t do its dirty
laundry in public.

B. Love does not delight in evil: Love does not rejoice in seeing evil
done or in doing it. It does not rush to the place where evil is
schemed. Love does not slander, gossip etc. Love delights in doing
good and in those that do good.

C. Love does not fail: Love does not fail, not in the sense of
pass/fail but in the perspective of – insufficiency; disappointing;
fading out. Love does not have any deficiency, it is always sufficient,
it does not disappoint or fade out on its object.

Love is always standing firm, unwavering and unshaken. Well you would say we are
humans, we are by nature insufficient, quite unreliable and
undependable, you may be right.

Interestingly however, love is not limited, just that we usually limit it
because of our perceived limitation.

Actually love comes down from the Father above into our
lives. We couldn’t by ourselves live up to the billings of this kind
of love for obvious reasons.

I came across this concept in a letter I read from Paul. This is
of course an overview of much deeper issues.

As always, please do drop your suggestions, comments. Have a blessed
time and do have fun.

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