Part 3: What love does.

Love protects: Love protects beyond of course the shallow expressions
that we have seen around like the ‘bulging muscle type’, but deeper
and grander than that is the protection we are referring to here.

Love protects intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, physically,
financially etc. Love does not leave its object open to various forms
of abuse, just as it does not subject it to such abuses.

Love shields.

It doesn’t just rescue them from danger, like prince charming
swooping in to save the day, but rather it acts such that there would
normally not be a need to save the day or at least not as a consequence
of its actions. For example you don’t tell your younger ones things
like ‘look at you, you are so daft, your mates are coming first, and
you are repeating the class’.

That is emotional and mental abuse,
love will not say such things, love will not for the purpose of being
‘blunt’ unshield its object. Rather it would seek to encourage,
comfort, bring out the best in its object while still protecting them.

Love does not just ‘gat your back’ but also ‘gat your front’.

Love trusts: The perspective of trust I’m inviting you to consider
here is that of confidence. Love has ‘confidence in’ and builds the
‘confidence of’ its object(s) under its influence.

Love has confidence in people. Let’s clear something, don’t give your car keys or enter a
car with someone you know cannot drive just because you trust the
person. That would be dangerous, to say the least. The kind of trust or
confidence we are referring to here is that which builds the esteem of
the people around it. It doesn’t boss the people around it, instead it
trusts in their ability to live up to their billings and gives them the
platform to soar.

Love creates a positive and fertile atmosphere for
development and fulfillment of potential.

Love hopes: Love has expectations. It looks to the future with
expectation. Look is not myopic, it is not just here and now, it
expects there to be a future, it works towards it. Hope here is not
just mere wishful thinking that things will just happen by themselves.
It has a direction, a goal, an obtainable future and so love hopes.

Love perseveres: Love persists in spite of challenges. Love braves the
whole obstacles course. It doesn’t, by persevering, make a nuisance of
itself. This is not merely the perseverance that exists when you ask a
lady out, she says No and then you keep at it hoping one day she will
give in. We are talking about something more honourable, that holds
on through thick and thin.

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