Part 1: What love is

Love is patient. Being patient can be defined as: content to wait if
necessary; not losing one’s temper while waiting; not bothered with
having to wait; not unwilling to wait.

Considering patience as a character of love, we find that in its very
nature, Love is patient.

Any departure from this seizes to be love. This is applicable to all
forms of relationships in which love is contextualized, be it with
family, friends etc. Love is not towards its subject or object, it is
also manifest in the person extending the love.

It is not reduced or abated by the passage of time, it is not
fazed by distance or present state or conduct of the person.

It is patient. It does not lose temperance, it does not act rashly or
without consideration.

Love doesn’t ‘jump’ from one person to another, it does force or coerce, it
is very considerate. For example with kids, love will make you teach
them the same things over and over again and not let you conclude that
they are just pure dullards, love will not enter a relationship
hastily or on impulse, rather will wait till both parties have the
social, psychological, spiritual, financial maturity etc how ever long
it takes.

You might be thinking, will love be patient in an abusive
relationship? The answer is this: love will not even find itself in an
abusive relationship. And in the next point you will see why.
Love is kind. For the purpose of this series, our working
definition for ‘kind’ is: affectionate, showing
benevolence (disposition to do good); mild, gentle, forgiving.

Love, as we see again in its very nature (whatever form or demonstration)
is kind. Any manifestation of love that cannot be said to be kind, is
hardly love at all.

Love has a disposition to do good, it is mild, gentle, forgiving
towards its object and in the claimer of love.

Bear in mind that it is improbable to be an unkind person and at
the same time show love, because at the core of love, we find that it
is mild, shows concern, it is gentle and forgives.

That is why love will not be in an abusive relationship because
love will not abuse its object in any way,rather it would care for
it, protect it, nurture it,be gentle with it. If you are in an abusive relationship, you can
be sure the abuser doesn’t love you, because love is…kind.

Up Next, we will take a look at part two: what love is not
it is my intentions through this series to move from the plain of
emotions, giving it a form, an image that can be evaluated and
consciously deliberated.

You may freely share your important opinions and enlightened views on
the matter at hand by making use of the comment box below and I’ll
be sure to get back to you.

Also, you can reach me on Twitter here: @ComAbayomi

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