A different conundrum

This is new for me, not in terms of concept but rather content. I’ve previously always wrote on issues I’m removed from, issues I have no personal relationship with. But not so today. Today I am faced with an issue so close to me , that I need be careful not because of the sensitivity of the information (it’s not actually) but rather that it involves people I know, and this is a public forum. The names have been altered but the story remains true.
My friend’s name is Israel and he his like a brother to me. He is in love. Her name is Elizabeth. She is pretty, smart and caring. She is amazing really. He is into her, I know it, and half the world that cares, knows. Same goes for her. It was perfect, as perfect as it could be or so it seemed. What den was or is the problem? It laid in a small minute fact, a fact that could have ramifications that well could be serious. I have been pondering over the matter for quite some time and rather than reaching a point of illumination, it has continually depressed me, the thought of it always busts my bubble. What then is this singular fact? It is this: She seniors him, with months, yes, but she seniors him. Small fact like I said, but somehow it doesn’t go away with reasoning. While they don’t appear bothered or seem to have it figured, I don’t believe so. lest at this point you think it’s none of my business, I can assure you, it’s very much my business, if at all just to watch out for my friends. Love here happens to not be the problem (strangely), there seems to be enough love to go around. But this issue threatens not the foundation of their relationship should they pursue it, but rather the materials they would be building with. I know my friend, I know he really wants to hook up with her totally but then a reality is dawning on him…she is the woman but not his woman. At which point he turned to me, which brings me to my present position, never before has my friend placed an issue before me that we failed to unravel. Not because this is a huge problem in itself, however like I noted, it has ramifications that are peculiarly futuristic, and that is the crux of the issue…it would play out in the future however and we don’t know how. Age should not be an issue but unfortunately, it is turning out to be, and the only way to get out of it would be to let her go…since we can’t reverse the ages. Needless to say, my friend is quite depressed about it, and I’m supposed to help him out. That my friends, has been the state of my mind for weeks. I know that it might appear trivial, but I rather you not dismiss it lightly because for my friend, it’s an important issue. This I submit to you this beautiful morning.

One thought on “A different conundrum

  1. well m gonna say yh its smfin 2 defintely fink abt.buh lookin deeper in2 da situation ah guess u havent tot of hw lettin her go would affect him since u bein his fwend knw olready hw in2 ha he is……4rm mah point of view dis aint 1 of ’em situationz where age is a huge problem. @ least since its nt in d range “20 & 30 or 40”. its months dts d gap btw dem den hell they cn go ahead wif da relationship.afta all m sure he took a very close look @ her nd studied her 4 him 2 knw she aint gon b d “controllin” type of woman……so ah say get on wif it!


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