What you are: king of the world!

After one of my musings, I came up with the following. This is not a regular blog post as the content is just tweets from the outcome of the said musing. The tweets:

1. The world is not out there.

2. The outside world you’ve heard exists cannot be accessed by you.

3. That outside world is an illusion.

4. A world exists for each person.

5. A private personal world comprising one’s experiences, interactions, influences and activities.

6. Merging the personal descriptions of our individual worlds is the root of the “outside world” illusion.

7. One may have a larger scale of influence as a result of the activities in his world having influence on the worlds of many other individuals.

8. The larger the scale of this influence, the more you’re said to be affecting “the world”.

9. If you get to attain the status of those who have invented things that affected the worlds of (almost) everyone, you will have “changed the world”.

10. There really is no “world out there”. You’ll never find it.

11. You will only ever have your world. Stop seeking and start living.

12. The world is yours, and you’re king. Everything is up to you.

All I’m saying is you’re in charge, and, to an extreme extent, you’re fully responsible for how (any situation in) your life turns out. Have a blessed day.

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