A resolute new year

Another new year is here. As usual, there will be a plethora of new year resolutions and to be fair some sound very funny actually. For example, some might resolve to drink less Alcohol or to wake up 5am everyday or something like that. Of-course some resolution are more ‘serious’ like: resolving to be punctual, save more, spend less, invest resources etc. I think I once made a resolution to stop fighting, some years back, and interestingly since that year  till date, I have not gotten into any form of skirmish bar maybe the occasional raising of voices. The concept of new year resolution is an interesting one, people are generally expected to make them, most likely as statements or declarations either verbal or written of attitudinal or lifestyle change(s) they intend to pursue or any type of change for that matter.  New year resolution are generally not seen as reflections of life goals or pursuits. To be honest, some of this things don’t even last for a month into the new year and I wonder why.


I believe that these resolutions can be of greater effect. I believe that if we could make resolution that are actually on important issues in our life. For example, if I have a temper problem, I could make a resolution to work on temper, and that would involve me doing all I can, getting help from people, praying, reading books on character development and all that. There is also the trap of making too many resolutions because making resolution is equal to making commitments or at-least is suppose to be, and it’s usually difficult to keep to so many commitments. There are a few issues to consider when making resolutions: firstly, there should be an accountability system in place, in this case you hold your self accountable to ensuring that you would abide by the terms of the resolution and if you can’t, find somebody that can help with that, if you have alcohol abuse problems for example, groups like AA could be of huge help in this regard. Secondly, there must be periodic appraisal to remind you again of the resolution and to see how far you are coming along, it’s a little bit related to the first point, thirdly, there should be a reward system in place, since we established that resolutions should be on important issues, there should be a system that rewards compliance or defiance. Fourthly, also important is the desire to actually go through with the resolution, because you might be surprised the number of people that make resolution and don’t keep them, Without your personal resolve, your resolution are ‘very dead’, they can’t amount to any visible or otherwise change. A very interesting passage I read sometimes ago had this in it: “Teach us lord to number our days and recognize how few they are; help us to spend them as we should”. I believe that making good resolution and sticking to them is part of discipline needed to maximize our lives. Remember, resolve to perform what you ought, perform without fail what you resolve. A big thank you to Daradosu, my Lil sis Semmy, Air, Dara, Chumkie and Omohakpe. Happy new year to you out there. Wishing you a splendid year

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