A view on Success.

I was chatting with one of my Lil’ sisters today(yes, she is pretty and no I’m not giving out her number) and after the discussion, a few thoughts occurred to my mind. Please indulge me as i share a few.

What really is success? When can or should one be called a success? Are there if any, parameters to measure success? A popular definition of success goes thus: “impressive achievement, especially the attainment of fame, wealth, or power” as defined by Encarta, however, the application of this definition instead of widening the minds of people especially young people has ended up narrowing their minds chiefly because of the image it creates in the mind. There actually is nothing wrong with the definition, it’s very practical and stands up to scrutiny, however there is another side to success that I intend to explore quickly. It stems from another definition: “the achievement of something planned or attempted, a definition also found in Encarta dictionary. Working with this and some other materials I gleaned from, I discovered that success is a very personal reality. It means that for one person success would be the attainment of one or more goals, while for another, a completely different goal or set of goals. For example if i set my mind to build my house in two years time, if I achieve that, then on that ground I’m a success, anyone else that doesn’t have that as a goal and as such doesn’t build a house in two years time should not be compared with me and called a failure. I hope my point is being followed, the point is you don’t need comparison or whatever to know if you are successful or not, all you need ask yourself is this: have I achieved my goals? if yes, then good. If no, then ask yourself if you are on the path (and on schedule if there is a time frame attached), if you discover you are not, then it’s time you returned to the drawing board and make sense of the whole thing, but don’t be drawn into the temptation of comparisons, as someone once said, contemporaries are temporary companies,as such don’t base your life on them. So then, you can see that Success then, is the personal attainment of set goals or ambitions. You just have to be the person you always dreamt that you would be and not that you could be like (for most parts anyways), and I write this knowing or rather believing that none of us would settle for less in life. Besides they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise (2 cor 10:12). I hope I have answered the questions I raised or any that would have risen while you were reading…if not you could always drop any lingering questions you have on the site, I’ll be sure to get back to you.

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