The Peril of Irresponsibility.


Good evening, there are many definitions of being “responsible” but my favorite is this: Able to be trusted; reliable; trustworthy. So then we could say in light of this definition that being irresponsible is not being able to be trusted, relied upon or trustworthy. How many of us then are responsible, I bet all of us are, but are we? More of that in a moment. Peril is defined as “something that causes, contains or presents dangers”. Am thinking that right about now the question your mind would be how is irresponsibility dangerous? Or something along those lines.

Sometimes we usually feel like “so what if jack or Jane doesn’t think I’m trustworthy or reliable? Or as we locally say “I no send am, wetin concern me? true we couldn’t care less if others think of us as irresponsible, more so, what’s the big deal if I acted irresponsible just that one time, we muse to ourselves…
Well the dangers of being irresponsible firstly are personal because irresponsibility is an issue whose objects and victims are primarily the original person and not the subject. Irresponsibility manifests as missed deadlines, tardiness, repeated mistakes (esp the same ones) and a host of others vices, so would you employ someone with such “choice” attributes, I hope not, hence you see that the irresponsible person would stay longer time unemployed and shorter time employed. In reality, this form of irresponsibility has a lot of ripple effects, and we can hardly be sure of the entire range of consequences.
We could also make a case by saying that since we leave in a world where interpersonal relationships are very extensive and diverse, trustworthiness and reliability are increasingly becoming important, and the connections (important ones) we make in life and in any form, depend even in molecular forms on such rare qualities.

We usually think of irresponsible people as untrained,street people with no concise sense as direction but however am sure we have met in persons who rank high in our society who are conclusively irresponsible. For example, people who cheat in relationships, students who cheat in exams, dubious accountants, sport figures who are into doping, and people whose actions keep us at home for months at a time and a host of all others, am sure you get the gist now.

Irresponsibility my friends, is a cancer that slowly morphs individuals into forms that are not fit for anything important, it can make a superior person average, destroy relationships, image and ruins integrity…So let me ask you, Are you responsible?

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