Butterflies or something like that.

Butterflies, beautiful aren’t they, but lets take a closer look at their lives in development. At some point in development, butterflies are nothing that most people would want, not even kids. This same butterflies go through various stages of development, after which they come out beautifully so much so that they could be breathtaking. Thankfully the good-news is this: even if at this stage of our various life development, we do not appear as though we could possibly amount to anything that could be called beautiful,we should realize that our lives just like that of the butterflies rolls out in stages and if only we would keep at it and not give up, at some point we would also emerge and everything about us would be beautiful but until after a while. Remember this doesn’t happen in a day, it could take months, years and since is not magic, it could be slow, difficult and would need discipline but in the end…we would take our place amongst men that conquered, not mediocrity. How was your day?!

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