The Peril of Irresponsibility.

Good evening, there are many definitions of being "responsible" but my favorite is this: Able to be trusted; reliable; trustworthy. So then we could say in light of this definition that being irresponsible is not being able to be trusted, relied upon or trustworthy. How many of us then are responsible, I bet all of … Continue reading The Peril of Irresponsibility.

How weight gain can make you important.

Weight as defined by the dictionary, is "the vertical force exerted by a mass as a result of gravity". That's physics. In real life, weight is the physical entity ascribed to potential spouses, which when gained in excess, drastically reduces one's chances of ever finding a life partner, while also conveying with it increased risks … Continue reading How weight gain can make you important.

Butterflies or something like that.

Butterflies, beautiful aren't they, but lets take a closer look at their lives in development. At some point in development, butterflies are nothing that most people would want, not even kids. This same butterflies go through various stages of development, after which they come out beautifully so much so that they could be breathtaking. Thankfully … Continue reading Butterflies or something like that.